Quick Coupling Q series

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    Series Q flat face couplings are innovative product wich finds ideal application in medium corrosive environmental conditions. The Q series is a special version of F serie where the carbon steel components are treated with QPQ. In situations where the traditional surface treatments do not allow an acceptable performance but stainless steel can not be adopted, series Q offers an excellent performance/price relation togheter with all the advantages linked to the flat face design. 

    Typical applications are: insecticides, diathermic oils, air conditioning fluids, water, etc. 

    • Material: carbon steel QPQ treated; 

    • Internal valves in austenitic stainless steel; 

    • Springs in AISI 302, balls in AISI 420; 

    • Perfect sealing of plug and socket both when coupled and uncoupled; 

    • Extremely low spillage during connection and disconnection. 

    • No inclusion of air external media during connection and disconnection; 

    • The flat faces are easy to clean; 

    • Sleeve with a safety device preventing from accidental disconnection; 

    • Increased resistance to abrasion and corrosion; 

    • Size 3/8 (DN 9) interchangeable to HTMA design. 

    Since series Q is mainly associated to special applications, the requested seal type must be specified when an order is placed (pag 6, point 6th).


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Quick Coupling Q series