Quick Coupling VP series

Classification: Quick Coupling

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    The VP series represents the ideal combination of flate face and screw to connect designs. This range achieves very high working pressures and is suitable for heavy duty working conditions such us pulsating pressures and vibrations (up to 300 bar/4300 psi). 

    VP series offers the important possibility of connecting and disconnecting the two parts under pressure with no spillage (up to 300bar/4300psi). 

    • Perfect sealing of plug and socket both when coupled and uncoupled; 

    • Extremely low spillage during connection and disconnection; 

    • No inclusion of air or external media during connection and disconnection; 

    • The flat faces are easy to clean; 

    • Sleeve with a safety device preventing from accidental disconnection; 

    • Standard seals in nitril rubber; 

    • Antiextrusion ring in teflon; 

    • Working temperature with standard seals: -20°C / +110°C; 

    • Special seals on request: Viton, EPDM, Neoprene, Silicone; 

    • Special caps on request; 

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Quick Coupling VP series