Quick Coupling F series

Classification: Quick Coupling

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  • Product selection table

    Series F flat face couplings are adopted on the most diversified hydraulic and industrial applications. The F series flat face design offers important technical advantages: 

    • Perfect sealing of plug and socket both when coupled and uncoupled; 

    • Extremely low spillage during connection and disconnection; 

    • No inclusion of air or external media during connection and disconnection; 

    • The flat faces are easy to clean; 

    • Sleeve with a safety device preventing from accidental disconnection; 

    • Standard seals in nitril rubber; 

    • Antiextrusion ring in teflon; 

    • Working temperature with standard seals: -20°C +110°C; 

    • Body size 3/8 (DN 9) is interchangeable according to HTMA design; 

    • Special seals on request: Viton,EPDM, 


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Quick Coupling F series