Hydraulic Block (bypass, speed regulation)

Product number: NS41-174-00

Technical Parameters:

Maximum pressure: 250bar,opening ratio 3:1
Oil port size: both M14x1.5
Operating temperature: -20℃~+80℃
Valve block material: QAL9-4 (aluminum bronze)
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  • Product Description:
    The hydraulic lock is an important protection device for hydraulic actuators, which can prevent the actuator from opening or closing accidentally when the power or air source is lost. 

    Hydraulic locks are generally divided into two types: bypass locks and speed control locks. The bypass lock is a switch-type hydraulic lock. 

    When the actuator loses power or air source, the bypass lock will automatically close the hydraulic channel to keep the actuator in a locked state, thereby protecting the safety of equipment and personnel. The speed control lock is an adjustable hydraulic lock, which can adjust the locking force and locking time according to the needs, and is suitable for occasions that require fine control.

    Common hydraulic lock products include: 
    1. Bypass hydraulic lock: It is suitable for occasions where the hydraulic channel needs to be automatically closed when the actuator loses power or air supply. 

    2. Adjustable speed hydraulic lock: It is suitable for occasions where the locking strength and locking time need to be adjusted, and can be adjusted according to actual needs. 

    3. Hydraulic lock device: The hydraulic lock device is a hydraulic protection device that integrates the functions of bypass lock and speed control lock, which can realize the closure of hydraulic channels and the adjustment of locking force at the same time. 

    Hydraulic locks have high safety and reliability, and are an indispensable and important part of modern industrial automation control systems.



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