Valve position indicator

Classification: Valve position indicator

Product number: CR3AAZ0

Technical Parameters:

Switching power supply: 4A, 230V, AC/DC
Mechanical life: 20 million times
Temperature: -25℃~+85℃
Housing material: AL
Protection class: IP65
Angle accuracy: <1.5°
Stuffing box connector: M20*1.5
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  • Product Description:
    1. The valve position indicator for actuator is a device used to monitor the position of the valve. 

    2. It can intuitively display the opening or closing state of the valve, so that the operator can know the state of the valve in time, so as to better control the process flow. 

    3. The product uses high-precision sensors and advanced display technology, which has the advantages of high precision, fast response, and strong durability. 

    4. It is a high-performance, high-reliability valve control device. 

    5. The valve position indicator for actuators also has the characteristics of easy installation and maintenance. It can be easily installed on various actuators, and the replacement and maintenance are also very simple.

    Application field:
    Widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, natural gas, water treatment and other fields.



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