Single, dual-action linear hydraulic actuator/cylinder

Technical Parameters:

Customized work conditions:
Ultra-low temperature: -45 ° C-80 ℃
Ultra -high pressure: rated work pressure 48MPa, maximum 60MPa
Ultra -long corrosion resistance time: plating neutral salt fog test 480h
Material: Stainless steel
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  • Product description: 

    Single, dual-action linear hydraulic actuator is a common hydraulic transmission component, which can convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and realize linear motion. Single-acting hydraulic actuators can only generate force in one direction, while double-acting hydraulic actuators can generate force in both directions. The main features of Single, dual-action linear hydraulic actuators include: 

    1. Simple structure, small size, light weight, easy installation and maintenance. 

    2. Able to respond quickly, with high work efficiency and precision. 

    3. It has strong bearing capacity and durability, and can adapt to high-strength and heavy-duty working environments. 

    4. Different materials and seals can be selected according to different working requirements to adapt to different working media and temperature ranges. 

    5. It can be used with various types of hydraulic systems to realize automatic control and remote operation.

    Application fields: 

    Widely used in machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace, metallurgy, petrochemical, water conservancy and hydropower and other fields, it is an important part of automatic production and engineering control.



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