Dual-action gear rack hydraulic actuator/swing cylinder (split shell)

Product number: 10、20、40、80、160、320、640、1280系列

Technical Parameters:

Max pressure: 16MPa
Max Displacement: 1425ml
Max Piston stroke: 126mm
Max Rotation angle: 96 °
Max torque: 12800N.M
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  • Product Description:
    Dual-action gear rack hydraulic actuator (split shell) is a common hydraulic actuator; 

    1. It adopts gear rack transmission technology, which has the advantages of simple structure, small size, light weight, high transmission efficiency and smooth movement , high precision and other advantages; 

    2. The actuator uses hydraulic oil as the power source, through the control of the hydraulic system, it can realize fast and accurate linear motion; 

    3. The shell is made of 316L stainless steel, QAL9-4 aluminum bronze and other materials, The working environment that meets the special requirements of customers has better anti-corrosion performance;

    4. The product adopts a split design, which makes installation and maintenance more convenient; the actuator has a angular stroke function, and the angle can be adjusted according to actual needs; 

    5. This series of actuators has a flange-type installation structure, and the flange model specifications meet the flange model and size parameters defined by the ISO5211-2017 standard; the output shaft has not only the manufacturer's custom size, but also the size requirements of the customer's valve needs; 

    We have a total of 16 specifications within the torque range of 100~35500N.m for the gear rack actuator, and the materials are QT500-7, 316L and aluminum/tin bronze for customers to choose。For more details, please contact us.

    Application fields:

    Widely used in various mechanical equipment (such as presses, punches, injection molding machines, mining machinery, hoisting machinery), aerospace, metallurgy, petrochemical and other fields, with high reliability, long service life and good safety And other characteristics, favored by the majority of users.

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