Electro-hydraulic actuator

Technical Parameters:

Max swing angle: 95±3°
Working temperature: -10°C-10°C
Working pressure: 16MPa
External oil port A, B: M16x1.5
Control voltage: DC24V
Motor power: 200W
Opening and closing time: about 10 seconds
Protection level: IP67
Hydraulic oil: L-HV15# anti-wear hydraulic oil
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  • Product Description:

    As a power device derived from hydraulic actuators, electro-hydraulic actuators integrate hydraulic, control, electromechanical, computer, communication and other technologies, which can quickly and stably control the position of the controlled object precisely, and are applied to various valves. driving and controlling.

    The electro-hydraulic actuator integrates the hydraulic power module and the control module. The electro-hydraulic actuator integrates simple electric operation, fast hydraulic power, and reliability of the electric control board, and has the advantages of fast response, high control precision, large output power, and compact structure; at the same time, the electro-hydraulic actuator overcomes the pneumatic actuator. The control accuracy of the electric actuator is low, and the controllability of the electric actuator is poor.

    At present, all hydraulic actuators of our company can be configured with hydraulic power sources according to the needs of customers to form integral or split electro-hydraulic actuators.


    Application field:
    Widely used in industrial machinery and equipment, aerospace, military equipment, automobile industry, medical equipment, chemical equipment, water conservancy projects, etc. In these fields, electro-hydraulic actuators play an important role, providing strong support for all aspects of production and life.



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