Dual-action single screw gear hydraulic actuator(Spiral swing cylinder)

Technical Parameters:

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  • Product Description: 
    1. Valve actuation hydraulic actuators, in addition to the widely used gear rack structure, shift fork structure, and vane structure, there are also screw gear actuators. 

    2. The actuators with screw gear structure is divided into double screw structure and single screw structure. The double screw structure is mainly used in the construction machinery industry that needs to output large angle and high torque. The output angle can be 180°, 270°, 360°, etc. The 90° output angle screw actuators used in the valve industry generally use single screw structure actuators. 

    3. Compared with the gear rack structure,under the same output torque, the size in the vertical direction of  the valve actuation screw actuator is larger than the gear rack structure, and the size in the horizontal direction is smaller than the gear rack structure,

    4. Like gear rack actuators and fork-type actuators, screw actuators can be used as hydraulic actuators to drive valves alone, and can be matched with various accessories to form various functions that the customers' actually need, and hydraulic stations can also be configured and other control components, as an electro-hydraulic integrated actuator.

    Application fields: 
    Widely used in construction machinery/mining machinery/construction machinery, petrochemical equipment, shipbuilding, metallurgy and other industries.





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