Dual-action double screw gear hydraulic actuator(Spiral swing cylinder)

Product number: 0050 , 0090 , 0220

Technical Parameters:

Standard swing angle: 180 °
Standard work pressure: 21MPa
Maximum torque: 40000N.M
Torque output method: flange
Special models can be produced according to customer requirements;
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  • Product description: 
    1. The screw gear hydraulic actuator is a special oil cylinder that uses a helix with a large lift angle to achieve output swing, also called a reflex oil cylinder. 

    2. It is a dual-action screw swing cylinder that is completely different from the design concept of the traditional swing cylinder. Compared with the traditional gear rack swing cylinder and vane swing motor, the dual-action screw swing hydraulic actuator has a compact structure, safety and reliability, and occupies a small space. Easy to design, large output torque and swing angle. 

    3. The dual-action screw swing hydraulic actuators have been applied in almost every occasion that requires high torque and limited swing movement. Screw actuators are generally divided into foot-mounted and flange-mounted styles. 

    At present, our products are somewhat different from those on the market.The overall structure of the shape is mostly welded by seamless steel pipes and base materials on the market. Welding inspection is required. We use integral casting, and the base and cylinder are integrally cast. Don't worry about the strength because Weld etc.

    Application fields: 

    Widely used in construction machinery,mining machinery,construction machinery, petro,chemical equipment, shipbuilding, metallurgy and other industries.



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